Domestic Support

Domestic support is the development of a tranquil and well-managed home. It involves cooking meals and washing dishes, ironing and washing clothes, cleaning the house and providing childcare for children.

If your daily chores are too much for you to deal with or you’re just too busy, our caregivers can help. We’ll pay attention to your needs at home, and then, together, we’ll develop an action plan to ensure that every task is scheduled and completed.

Our Domestic Support may include:

  • Grocery shopping

  • Meal preparation

  • Dusting, vacuuming and general tidying

  • Changing linen

  • Washing and ironing

  • Assisting with pets

  • Walking or supported exercise

  • Attending medical or social appointments

  • Home and garden maintenance

All of the above are provided 24 hours a day seven days a week.


There are no limitations, although all of our services bring a fee. We welcome the possibility to discuss how Victoria Care Group can assist you live the life you want.


The fees you pay depend on the duties and support you select and reflect those allotted by the funding firm (NDIS, WorkSafe, or TAC). We will negotiate a special agreement, tailored to meet your unique needs. There are no unknown charges, and we offer an easy-to-follow approval and mortgage process, with monthly statements.

The VCG Difference

You will be supported by staff who have the qualifications and experience to meet your needs and goals, and the personal profile to meet your individual preferences.

Victoria Care Group CLIENT TEAM

Each of our clients is supported by a small dedicated team that understands their needs and works together to create support services that align with their goals.

Your Key Worker will:

  • gain feedback on whether we are progressing towards your goals

  • develop ways to improve/be proactive

  • train new workers on the client’s team

Your Team Leader is the go-to person for:

  • any questions

  • rostering updates 

  • ensuring we are exceeding expectations

Our Client Service Manager works together with clients, Team Leaders, and Key Workers to ensure we are providing services that are consistent, tailored, and proactive.

Victoria Care Group SUPPORT STAFF

Our Support Workers provide help with:

  • Personal support such as showering, dressing, mobility and transfers, toileting, and communication aids.

  • Domestic support such as home cleaning, meal preparation, and attending appointments.

  • Community access such as coordinating transport and building links to the local community.

Domestic Support

We give variety of in-home domestic assistance including grocery shopping and meal preparation, household chores, assisted exercise and more.

Personal Support

Our team is experienced in a broad variety of personal support such as grooming, showering/dressing, and accompanying meetings.

Community Access

We can help improve your self-confidence to use public transport, go purchasing or to events with you, and help access the community for educational purposes.

Support Coordination

We can relate you to services that fit your requirements, setting up supports, negotiating with providers, and indicating you are satisfied with your goals and plans.