What is World Autism Awareness Day?

World Autism Day

World Autism Awareness Day aims to bring light to autism to raise awareness about the condition of children and adults diagnosed with autism. It is also hoped to build a global understanding of autism and provide information about the importance of identifying an early diagnosis.

Autism is a problem that affects women and men of all races across all nations. It has a significant impact on children and is extremely widespread. That is why raising awareness about autism is vital.

When is Autism Awareness Day?

Since 2007 World Autism Awareness Day has been observed on April 2 when we commemorate the accomplishments and achievements of those who have autism. In this period, many organizations and schools organize events to enhance awareness and understanding of autism.

It is one of the seven official health-related UN Days.

This year, Autism Awareness Day was celebrated with an annual event organized by the National Autistic Society called Onesie Wednesday. This day was a special one for the organization; it encouraged people to wear a onesie to show their support and promote the idea that it’s OK to be different.

What is the theme of World Autism Awareness Day?

Every year since 2012, the UN has chosen an idea to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day. As of now, we have had these themes that have been used to celebrate:

  • 2012 – Awareness Raising
  • 2013 – Celebrating the ability within the disability of autism
  • 2014 – Opening Doors to Inclusive Education
  • 2015 – Employment: The Autism Advantage
  • 2016 – Autism and the 2030 Agenda: Inclusion and Neurodiversity
  • 2017 – Toward autonomy and self-determination
  • 2018 – Empowering Women and Girls with Autism
  • 2019 – Assistive Technologies and Active Participation
  • 2020 – The Transition to Adulthood

In 2022, the UN has selected Inclusion in the Workplace: Opportunities and Challenges in a Post-Pandemic Environment.

History of Autism Awareness Day:

World Autism Awareness Day was first established in 2007. However, it was later changed by the United Nations General Assembly, which announced the Autism Awareness Day would be celebrated on April 2 each year.

How do you be able to World Autism Awareness Day:

World Autism Awareness Day is typically celebrated with a range of conferences and events. They tend to be informative and educational for parents, teachers and health professionals. There are also art exhibits and workshops for artists across the nation that showcases works created by children who have autism. Radio, television and newspapers have stories on individuals with autism and their daily lives.

Other ways to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day include:

  • Think about how you can assist those who have autism in a way that will change their lives.
  • Sharing information online is a great way to create awareness among the online community.
  • Help a family in the area that has a child with autism.
  • Participating in events organized by the autism communities.
  • You can listen to the stories of people you know who have autism and what it is for them.
  • Donate money to an autism charity.
  • Engaging in conversations with your children so they are aware of and accept their differences and similarities.

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